Listening Intelligence

LISTENING INTELLIGENCE empowers us to listen to and for a greater range of information, and with it we can speak more effectively with others.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops in Listening Intelligence help our clients…

Who wrestle with departmental silos, whose teams sometimes fail to share timely information, and who struggle to collaborate.

Who regularly experience wasted meetings, lost time, misaligned strategies, and frustrating communications.

Who may have high-performing teams who want to reach the next level, to work more cohesively and constructively.

Our programs develop…

Intelligent Listeners

Listening intelligence is a skill, and how we listen is a habit. We can all learn to listen well — or better.

Nuanced Speakers

Listening intelligently teaches us to account for how others listen, making us better speakers.

Better Collaborators

When teams listen intelligently to each other, they naturally become better collaborators.