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Listen Intelligently. Communicate Artfully. Collaborate Expertly.

The Moxy Lab is committed to meeting the future-of-work strategies of our clients. We deliver our programs in the ways which serve you best—whether remotely or in person.

Typically we work with companies…

Whose emerging leaders are subject-matter experts, but whose skills at people managing, executive presence, or collaboration require development.

Who are frustrated with information silos, ineffective meetings, misaligned strategies, or lost opportunities — symptoms of troubled communications.

Who wrestle with tech debt, old patterns, and out-of-date approaches which stifle collaboration. These patterns block innovation, and they can risk a business’s future.

We work with companies who need to collaborate expertly.

Poor communication costs you more than you think.

  • Each year in the United States, the Fortune 500 waste as much as a quarter of their profits in communication errors. 1
  • Poor communication from leadership strongly correlates to low morale, churn, and lost profits. 2
  • Employees spend 22.5 hours per week on emails, one-third of which are to clarify a previous email. 3
  • Companies with effective communicators in leadership have 47% higher total returns to shareholders. 4
  • Teams which communicate well are 3.5x more likely to outperform industry peers. 5

Most companies have no idea how much communications cost them each year. Still more haven’t yet learned what excellent communication habits can do for them in newfound opportunities, strengthened efficiencies, and real innovation. We can help.

Praise for The Moxy Lab

The Moxy Lab has developed my presence as a speaker and leader. Through coaching, I’ve developed awareness of my communication habits—in speaking, non-verbals, and listening—and I’ve acquired tools to align my expression with my values.

Frannie Matthews
CEO, Colorado Technology Association

Because of The Moxy Lab, I’ve set distractions aside to be more present and listen skillfully. I’ve learned to vary what I say, depending on who is listening. People appreciate that respect. Now I coach my team to listen this way, and they’re far more effective.

Owen Hughes
EMEA Director, ServiceNow

The Moxy Lab fostered our creativity, empowering us to express ideas without fear. Not only did we grow individually, but we grew as a team. In a world where right and wrong are too often defined, people fear mistakes. The Moxy Lab taught us to make productive mistakes, which help us grow.

Sr. Manager, HomeAdvisor

Even during a virtual workshop, everyone was engaged through video and chat. I was impressed with everyone’s engagement, since we know how many distractions there can be at home.

Jason Schwabauer, Sr. Manager, Comcast

These are communication experts. With The Moxy Lab’s expertise, we can elevate our communications once again.

Mike Deasy, Director, Comcast

The Moxy Lab helped our team come out of their shells and communicate effectively and confidently.

Krystal DePrinzio, Senior Manager, Operations at Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

What is it like to work with The Moxy Lab?

We make it easy for you. We customize our programs to meet your goals and stay within your budget. Typically, Working with The Moxy Lab can involve…


For The Moxy Lab, a workshop means learning by doing, gaining insights into the qualities of communication and collaboration, then putting those insights into practice.


We utilize coaching to reinforce helpful habits, guide clients to greater insight and growth, and to establish the long-term patters which are most likely to result in lasting success.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to strengthen teams, foster organizational learning, and structure lasting plans to reinforce a culture of good communication.

Some of Our Clients

Public Trust Advisors
Land of Enchantment Romance Authors
Denver Office of Economic Development
Mi Casa Resource Center
Colorado Technology Association
Colorado Innovation Network
DISH Women's Network
Doctor Speak
Finance Pals
ANGI Homeservices
Dress for Success
ECHO Listening Intelligence
Goddess Travels
Ignite Denver

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