The Moxy Lab will make you shine!

For public-speaking, presentation, or team-collaboration skills, we can help you do it with presence, verve, and know-how.

At Moxy Lab, we believe communication is an art. It connects people, sparks the imagination, touches the heart, and ignites the spirit. Whether you’re collaborating in a team meeting or are presenting to an audience of five or 5,000—we have the tools to help you reach your audience and communicate with authenticity and presence.

Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching

Whether presenting in the boardroom or speaking to a stadium, we’ll bolster you with the public-speaking skills needed to ignite the heart, mind and imagination of your audience.

Speak up!

Communication and Collaboration Training

Collaboration is essential for today’s highest-performing organizations. Using principles of improvisation, we can engage the creativity of your team, so that problem solving becomes fun. When you say “yes and…” instead of “No, but…” you can create anything.


Mox•ie (alt. mox•y): ˈmäksē, noun: (1) force of character, determination, or nerve; (2) fortitude and determination; (3) courage; (4) sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude; (5) gumption, grit, nerve. (6) vigor, verve, pep.

It takes nerve, verve, and know-how to communicate authentically. Moxy is the ability to listen, converse, collaborate, or present with presence—non-distracted receptivity, clarity, and self-assurance. The Moxy Lab will show you how.

The Moxy Lab recently hosted a communications workshop for our ops team which was very well received. Not only was the workshop informative and thoughtful, it was fun as well. It helped some members of our team come out of their shell and learn how to communicate with effectiveness and confidence. We will be using them for future team needs. If you are looking for a team building activity or facilitator, I would highly recommend The Moxy Lab!

Krystal DePrinzio

Senior Manager, Colorado Office of Economic Development

I have seen Shana work rooms of 20 and rooms of 400. She commands a stage, but she is personable and connected when she is teaching, coaching, and working directly with others. As a speaker, she can whip out razor-sharp improv skills and think on her feet, or she can hit pre-timed slides to the second. As a coach, she can teach mice to roar like lions, and she can teach excellent speakers to be even better. Shana is a powerhouse talent everyone should work with.

AJ Lavender

Interactive Manager, Comcast Spotlight

We were fortunate to find work with The Moxy Lab on an internal group of professionals who present and speak on a regular basis. They helped us think through our presentations from where the audience sits, which proved mutually beneficial in our delivery and speaking-associated fears.

Pam Lewis

Project Manager, Colorado Innovation Network

The Moxy Lab coaches are true wizards. They were masterful at knowing how to deal with every little challenge that could rear its head during my talk in order to stay grounded, focused and connected to the audience. The event was hugely successful and I felt confident and at ease. I would highly recommend The Moxy Lab for any type of public speaking or performance engagement.

Barbra Cohn

Owner, Cohn Writing Solutions and Author of "Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Dementia"

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