Virtual Communication

It’s 2022, and we’ve transitioned from in-person workplaces, to virtual workplaces…

…to hybrid workplaces.
Hybrid is here to stay, and we’ll help you navigate it.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops on Virtual Communication help our clients…

Who struggle with policies and practices for virtual and hybrid-style communications.

Who are frustrated with virtual sales, remote collaboration, or everyday online communications.

Whose experiences with virtual media are positive, but who wish to hone remote communications.

Our programs develop…

Clear Virtual Communicators

To be excellent virtual communicators, we must first be excellent communicators. The Moxy Lab trains communicators first, who then master the rules of the virtual.

Sustainable Virtual Communications

Humans didn’t evolve for the virtual, and it challenges our limbic system in unexpected, exhausting ways. Be sure your practices keep you sharp, engaged, and rested.

Skilled Virtual Collaborators

Mumbai can collaborate with Minneapolis. Sydney can innovate with Munich. Remote collaboration can flower into real innovation — if you embrace the best practices.