Executive Presence

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE is foremost about being and staying present, truly present, with others and with yourself.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops in Executive Presence help our clients…

Who may be struggling to reach the next level in their careers, build their personal brand, or lead at their highest level.

Whose emerging leaders might be skilled subject-matter experts, but who may lack executive presence or other leadership qualities.

Who must communicate clearly and powerfully at the workplace, from the stage, or in the boardroom, whose presence affects the bottom line.

Our programs develop…

Compelling Public Speakers

Great public speaking is as much about the feelings we convey as it is about the information we impart.

Present, Values-Oriented Leaders

Charisma is an effect, not a cause. To be charismatic, be present with others and live your values.

Direct, Skillful Communicators

Great communicators balance meaning with brevity and clarity — a difficult skill to master.