Design Thinking

DESIGN THINKING is a non-linear, iterative, exploratory method for addressing complex problems. It is perhaps the best way to innovate.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops in Design Thinking help our clients…

Who are frustrated with lost market share or tech debt, and whose old approaches, services, and products are no longer commanded the business they once did.

Who struggle to see “the next new thing,” who have resources to strike out in new directions — but can’t see those directions or how to choose among them.

Whose already collaborative teams want to reach the pinnacle — to develop regular cycles of innovation, creative-destruction, change, and growth.

Our programs develop…

Solution Finders

Solutions emerge when team members learn to say, “Yes, and…” to each other, to synthesize their ideas, and to test them against the possibilities of “Yes, if…” We make possibility thinkers.

Problem Seekers

You can never rest on your laurels. Identifying new problems and fresh challenges can lead you to new possibilities, new opportunities, and entirely new markets. Mark new ground.


Every company must innovate or, eventually, it must die.

Every company needs innovators. Learn what it takes to find and build your company’s future.