Collaboration Skills

Teams achieve COLLABORATION when they remain present, learn the power of “Yes, and…”, and facilitate equal contribution.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops in Collaboration help our clients…

Who wrestle with contentious teams, a resistance to new ideas, or team dynamics which leave members feeling left out, frustrated, or lost.

Whose teams work well together but struggle to ideate, to build on each others’ expertise, and see past worn-out and out-of-date methods.

Who know they must develop highly collaborative teams in order to innovate, to truly reinvent their business and reach the next plateau.

Our programs develop…

Engagement and Participation

Fostering engagement among team members is a matter of the right methods and approaches — even more than getting the right people in the room. Let us show you how.

Synergy and Greater Collaboration

A diversity of views, of expertise, and of backgrounds is the secret sauce to synergy. Good practices bring out your teams’ ideas, allow them to mix and flower into something new.

A Basis for Innovative Thinking

Innovation depends on collaboration. (Even amongst so-called “lone geniuses.”) High-performing, highly cooperative teams are the fertile ground of innovation.