The COACHING habit lets us draw the best from others, whether from those we manage or from our peers. When we learn to COACH, we become better leaders, and better people.

Typically, The Moxy Lab’s workshops in Coaching help our clients…

Whose experiences with command-and-control management styles have led them to seek something better, and more sustainable.

Who struggle with effective one-on-ones, team development, and goal-setting amongst their leadership or employees.

Who wish to develop systems for feedback which allow their people and teams to learn and grow together.

Our programs develop…

Teams with Greater Trust and Cohesion

Draw the best from your teams, encourage individuals to commit to their contributions, and establish the basis for lasting collaboration, teamwork, and trust.

Invested, Goal-Oriented Professionals

Build complementary management systems which encompass the clear vision of leadership while empowering teams to chart an innovative course.

Reflective, Resilient Organizations

Transform your organization into one which is reflective, self-aware, and resilient, encouraging honesty and teamwork throughout, from top to bottom.