The Moxy Lab

Founded in 2013 by Shana Cordon, The Moxy Lab, along with its advisors and agents, have now served hundreds of clients across four continents. Working with everyone from small not-for-profits to Global Fortune 500 corporations, The Moxy Lab’s goal is always the same:

We want a world which communicates better. Communication is at the core of the human experience. Poor communication is bad for business, harmful to interpersonal relationships, and disruptive to communities and even to nations. Great communication empowers collaboration, fosters trust, and moves us forward.

Listen Intelligently. Communicate Artfully. Collaborate Expertly.

That’s The Moxy Lab.

The Moxy Lab’s Leaders

Shana Cordon, MFA

Founder, Lead Trainer
Listening Intelligence & Leadership Development

Shana Cordon

Shana teaches effective communication to teams and leaders in the Fortune 500, especially to companies in technology and telecommunications. Her programs support innovation and productivity through artful speaking, listening, and collaborating.

For over twenty years, Shana has developed a nuanced approach to education and training. She knows how to communicate across the spectrum of human experience, and she empowers others to do the same.

John Barbour, M Arch, MURP

Principal, Lead Trainer
Messaging & Design Thinking

John brings decades of experience in working with adult learners. To The Moxy Lab and its clients, he offers up expertise in design thinking, collaborative processes, and the use of language to unleash human potential.

Typically, John works with teams that have developed their listening intelligence and core collaborative skills, those who wish to innovate at a deeper level.