Public-speaking and presentation skills require committed practice and objective training. Whether speaking to prospects, pitching a new idea to a manager, or delivering a keynote presentation in a grand auditorium, you must have presence in order to establish a connection and influence your listeners. Your passion, vulnerability, humor, and authenticity are essential to establishing credibility and trust.

The Moxy Lab can help you achieve that.

You Can Develop Presence Through Training

Many believe charisma and presence are innate abilities. Either you’re a public-speaking natural or not.

We disagree. Through practice and training, you can express your message naturally and in your own style, while captivating your audience.

Let’s Talk About Fear

Perhaps you’re a rare unicorn who loves to speak in front of thousands of people. For most, the biggest obstacle to presence and authenticity is fear. The fear of public speaking is almost universal, like the fear of death, suffocation, and spiders. It manifests as a nervous stomach, trembling hands, a racing heart, blank mind, or sweaty palms. We try to mask the fear by controlling our voice and body, but find ourselves sounding and moving like robots.

The bad news is there’s no getting rid of fear. The good news is that you can learn tools to navigate your fear. With practice, public speaking can be like surfing, skiing, or riding a rollercoaster. Fear transforms into a thrill.

An Integrated Approach to Public-Speaking and Presentation Coaching

Effective speeches and presentations are aesthetic and intellectual, right- and left-brain experiences. They’re an amalgamation of research, storytelling, performance, information, and graphic design. The Moxy Lab’s public-speaking coaches have extensive training in speaking, performance, education, design, and writing. We can support  you in every aspect of your presentation.

The Moxy Lab Integrated Public-Speaking and Presentation Approach


Presence is all about YOU! It’s clearly communicating your message with a full, expressive voice, confident body language, and in relationship to your audience. The Moxy Lab coaches will bolster your skills:

  • Utilize your voice’s full range.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Engage your body to express confidence.
  • Managing fear, connect with your audience, and be authentic in the moment.

Presence is a superpower. Your genuine passion and personality are essential keys to creating a connection with your audience and inspiring impact. 


Your message matters. No matter how polished your speaking, an empty, disorganized, or poorly written message will fall flat. Moxy Lab’s coaches are skilled writers who can help you shape your message, target your audience, and guide them on an experience.

  • Lead your audience from where they are to where you want them to be.
  • Make a core point with supporting points, anecdote, and data to make your message memorable.
  • Call the audience to action. What do you want them to do? Inspire them.

Whether your intention is to inspire, inform, motivate, or educate—a clear message is key!


A picture is worth a thousand words. So are well-designed slides and excellent handouts. We can teach you:

  • To use the syntax of color, shape, and composition.
  • When to use a slide, a handout, or nothing at all.
  • To employ design principles to support your message with maximum impact.

Too often, design is an afterthought, a firing squad of bullet points, spinning animations, or pretty pictures. As trained creative directors and designers, Moxy Lab’s coaches understand the language of image.

Effective use of media can augment your message, clarify complex ideas, simplify data, and create emotional impact for a more powerful presentation.

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