Total Communications Training

What is excellent communication? It varies from person to person, team to team. The Moxy Lab tailors its workshops to address its clients’ vital challenges, and our clients learn to:

  • Present with presence and influence.
  • Engage in effective and confident in-person communication.
  • Write with greater clarity, including emails which matter and documents which make every word count.
  • Listen to and for a broad range of information and address different listeners.
  • Conduct more effective, timely, and inclusive meetings.
  • Engage in healthy and dynamic conflict and collaboration.

Training Modules

Leadership Communications: The greatest communication failures occur top-down. For better or worse, leaders have the greatest impacts upon the communication culture of their organization. In this training for managers, directors, and executives, participants learn techniques to develop high-functioning, communicative, collaborative teams.

Listening Training: Following a complete ECHO listening assessment, we build a foundation in emotional intelligence and critical listening. Lays the groundwork for effective messaging.

Writing and Language Workshop: Good writing is good thinking. This workshops builds on awarenesses developed during the Listening Workshop. Participants learn to craft messages which are clear, which impact the reader or listener, and which communicate factually, emotionally, and actively.

Speaking and Presenting Workshop: In a one-on-one conversation, in a meeting, or in presentations, the ability to speak with presence is critical. In this workshop, participants obtain practical tools to:

  • Engage and connect with audiences.
  • Reach peak performance in public speaking.
  • Inspire and motivate.
  • Utilize full vocal capacity and effective body language.

Mindful Communication: Mindfulness is the foundation of clear thinking, speech, and remaining present with colleagues, especially in high-stress situations. Whatever the need—difficult feedback, big presentations, or dynamic collaboration—mindfulness is critical for honest, respectful, and productive communications.

One-on-One Coaching: This high-touch, high-impact experience makes a remarkable difference in participants’ self-awareness, growth, and capabilities. It is invaluable for engaging the challenges which individuals either cannot see in themselves, or which they will not share in groups.

Laudations from Clients in the Fortune 50

These workshops were outstanding! They taught so much about approach, how to develop a persuasive presentation, connecting with who you are presenting to, and effective listening. They have raised the bar and have helped raise the [company] employees who participated. We should all be more effective in our jobs and in working with the public as a result of these workshops.

They have helped me to identify pitfalls with my daily presentation skills by providing awareness toward the control of my energy output. By control my presence and speaking abilities, I will show up as a polished professional.

Great input on how to communicate in the best possible way. Gave me food for thought on my communication methods, how I present myself, and my writing style. Great personal feedback on the areas that I can work on to improve.

I feel that I have a more powerful voice.

I realize that I need to slow down and allow the listener to take in what I’m saying, which will hopefully make them learn more of the information I’m sharing.

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