Engage principles of improvisation for productive collaboration.

Presence. Receptivity. Agility. Courage. Connection. These are qualities that make rock-star leaders and truly collaborative teams.

Collaboration is central to the success of many of today’s highest-performing organizations. In technology, medicine, government, communications, finance, and in many other endeavors, diverse teams must come together to solve tomorrow’s challenges or to identify and grow new markets. Teamwork can be habitual, when roles are well established and activities are routine. So how do teams generate new ideas, tackle novel challenges, and develop new approaches? How can teams avoid groupthink or escape the tendency for one or two voices to drown out the valuable ideas of a wider, more varied group? The answer is collaboration.

Collaboration can feel a little stiff, but The Moxy Lab can help.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” –Aristotle

Improvisors step into the unknown and create something from nothing. Relying on the inherent ingenuity of their team, they leap into uncertainty with confidence and approach obstacles as gleeful opportunities. This is way beyond team-building. This is true collaboration, which is at the heart of innovation. This is business at its finest.

Businesses today require innovation for survival. Innovation comes from the ability to step out of your comfort zone, to take risks, and think differently.  In The Moxy Lab collaborative workshops, you’ll experience the support of a team that truly listens. Learn to celebrate fear and failure. Develop leadership skills while learning to co-create with your team.

  • Learn what “Yes and…” means, and how the principle applies in improv and in business.
  • Experience how to connect with your team, client, or audience for dynamic collaboration.
  • Build trust for greater risk-taking and more dynamic innovation.
  • Walk away knowing how enlivening the quality of intelligent play is the greatest secret to business success!

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