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Shana Cordon

Shana Cordon

Lead Coach — Public Speaking and Presentation

Shana brings a lifetime of experience in education, performance, vocal and speech training, and graphic design to The Moxy Lab. She specializes in public-speaking and presentation coaching for individuals working in corporate and institutional environments. Her work supports purpose-driven individuals and teams to communicate with greater clarity and to collaborate with skill. Individuals learn to present with presence, and teams discover new methods to connect and access deeper creativity. Combining her entrepreneurial experience with an MFA in Theater, she has the skills to address all aspects of your presentation.

Shana can sometimes be seen on stage—speaking, improvising, or performing—or exploring the streets of Denver, Seattle, or Rome with a camera in hand. To acclaim, her original performances have toured internationally.

John Barbour

John Barbour

Lead Coach — Communications and Messaging

As an educator, John has lectured to thousands of students and academics at universities in the United States, Australia, and Italy. As a coach for The Moxy Lab, he focuses on honing clients’ messages, refining their words, and connecting those words to speakers’ vocality and physicality. As a writer, he polishes language for government agencies and corporations; then, in his so-called spare time, he churns out science fiction for internationally lauded publishers (some pseudonyms may apply). John loves thorny challenges and only thinks in straight lines when using a ruler.

Public speaking can be terrifying, especially when you are tasked with speaking about something you are passionate about. The Moxy Lab helped me come out of my shell and provided valuable coaching. Their ability to pull emotion out of you and make every word count is a wonderful asset in the process.

Kelly Underell

Executive Director , Colorado Technology Foundation

The Moxy Lab recently hosted a communications workshop for our ops team which was very well received. Not only was the workshop informative and thoughtful, it was fun as well. It helped members of our team come out of their shell and learn to communicate with effectiveness and confidence. We will be using them for future team needs. If you are looking for a team building activity or facilitator, I would highly recommend The Moxy Lab!


Krystal DePrinzio

Senior Manager of Operations , Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Shana brings out the best, the biggest, and most dynamic part of yourself. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, mentor, tutor in the public speaking arena, but she has an eye for design and movement that helps bring your presentations alive, whether media based or purely theatrical.

Rohini Grace

Owner, Goddess Travel

Shana has this incredible gift of transforming her audience and clients with her genuine authenticity. She is tough, deeply engaging, and genuinely knows how to connect. In coaching me to present, she deeply cared about making me and the best I could be. I highly recommend her.

Michelle Archuleta, PhD

Founder & CEO, Doctor Speak

We were fortunate to work with The Moxy Lab on an internal group of professionals who present and speak on a regular basis. They helped us think through our presentations from where the audience sits, which proved mutually beneficial in our delivery and speaking-associated fears.

Pam Lewis

Project Manager, Colorado Innovation Network at Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Right off the bat, Shana was approachable, fun, and very up front. She is a very skilled speaker herself and employed a variety of methods to make my learning process enjoyable and focused on my message. Although I have given numerous presentations before, I still struggle with public speaking anxiety and see it as a tremendous barrier to effective communication and participation. I was immediately at ease with Shana, who recognized my anxiety and took at as an opportunity to grow rather than as a barrier. My individual coaching session with Shana was amazing – we focused our session around meeting my needs as a speaker and perfecting my verbal and nonverbal delivery. Shana’s coaching is not just an effective training, it’s a personalized session that is tailored to you as a speaker as well as to the purpose of your presentation; whether that’s to evoke an emotional response, initiate a call-to-action, or to educate your audience, Shana will work with you to make you the most effective communicator you can be.

Shana devoted a lot of energy to my energy– I could feel that my nervousness was affecting my delivery but I had been unaware of how my stance, posture, voice tone, even how I was holding my hands, was affecting not just my talk but also how I felt about my talk. Shana’s expert coaching not only impacted the way people reacted to me but also how I reacted to myself. From just a small amount of time with Shana, I feel more in-control, grounded, and powerful in my public speaking abilities. I know from experience that you can have the most important message in the world but if you are not an effective communicator, it won’t matter one bit. Anyone who engages in public speaking, whether it’s a small presentation to potential clients or a louder message to a large audience, should consider seeking the expert advice from a speaking coach like Shana. I am incredibly grateful for her time and recommend her sessions without hesitation as an incredible opportunity to grow as a speaker no matter what your starting level is. Thanks so much, Shana!

Megan Cain

Disaster Project Coordinator , Health & Ed 4 Nepal

Shana has a way of bringing out the best in people. Shana helped me find my message and my voice. Her gentle approach allowed me to play within the structure I’d already conceived without changing my meaning. I ended with something I was proud of. I highly recommend Shana for all of your speech coaching needs.

Doyle Hanks

Teacher, Speaker, Do-Gooder, Culver City Unified School District + University of California, Los Angeles

Every quarter, our organization holds the Playbook training event, one of the company’s most important opportunities for company leaders to communicate with our sales channels and front line. To an already well-executed event, The Moxy Lab brought an exceptional value. Their one-on-one support improved the presentations by our directors and specialists, introducing our team to techniques for voice control, effective onstage movement, and working with technology. They more than met the expectations of our executive team—The Moxy Lab is far more than “speech coaches.” These are communication experts.

We are making additional improvements this coming quarter, and we look forward to The Moxy Lab’s input and training, and to implementing their ideas. I am confident that, with The Moxy Lab’s expertise and experience, we will elevate our presentations and improve our communications once again.


Director , Fortune 50 Telcom

Shana has managed speaker coaching at Ignite Denver for several years. She facilitates an open, collaborative and supportive environment for presenters and workshop attendees, and the benefits couldn’t be more evident in the quality presentations on our stage! From the initial training sessions to pre-show warmups, she helps our presenters quell their own fears of public speaking and guides them to the confidence they need to present with clarity, authenticity and presence. We love working with Shana!

Dan Stones

Lead Organizer, Ignite Denver

Shana did an amazing job helping me prepare for a presentation. I am an average speaker and she helped me realize some of the habits I had with annunciation and was very patient with me as she helped me correct them. With her help I was able to give a much better presentation and I learned speaking lessons that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Thanks for your help!

Paul Heffner

CEO, Finance Pals

Shana is a true wizard and a delight to work with. She was masterful at knowing how to deal with every little challenge that could rear its head during the talk in order to stay grounded, focused and connected to the audience. The event was hugely successful and I felt confident and at ease. I would highly recommend her as a coach for any type of public speaking or performance engagement.

Barbra Cohn

Author of "Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Dementia.", Cohn Writing Solutions

I am so grateful for Shana’s brilliant coaching. She had the skill and wits to guide me, while holding me accountable to deliver a fantastic talk. She did this with such compassion, confidence and grace, offering me a safe environment to work through my fears of public speaking before the actual talk. With her coaching, I was able to keep connection with myself and the audience. The result is that I gave a talk that I am proud of. If you are thinking about putting together a talk and have anxiety about it, book Shana on day one and she’ll guide you all the way through. You just might amaze yourself with the talk you give—I sure did!

Solay Howell

Owner, Black Sphinx Productions

I have seen Shana work rooms of 20 and rooms of 400. She commands a stage, but she is personable and connected when she is teaching, coaching, and working directly with others. As a speaker, she can whip out razor-sharp improv skills and think on her feet, or she can hit pre-timed slides to the second. As a coach, she can teach mice to roar like lions, and she can teach excellent speakers to be even better. Shana is a powerhouse talent, and everyone should work with The Moxy Lab.

AJ Lavender

Interactive Manager, Comcast Spotlight

Shana is  an excellent coach.  I have personally experienced her methods which have been very helpful to me in the area of meaningful personal expression in a performance format. She is very good at creating and giving exercises that get to the root of important presentational elements, helping to find a strong, truthful base for expression, and providing perspectives on what audiences actually see.

Peter Davison

Performer and Choreographer, Poet of Motion, Former Artistic Director Boulder Ballet Company

Shana has the technology to draw even the most anxiety-prone public speakers from their shell into the limelight…Through her fun and engaging process I am now speaking from my heart with passion and ease. I wish I had worked with her years ago!

Catherine Houston, LMP

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